Lorraine Wangsness

Lorraine Wangsness


The family of Lorraine Wangsness of Calmar, who resides now at Barthell OES in Decorah, invites you to participate in a card shower for Lorraine’s 95th birthday on September 16th.  She has been trapped in the nursing home since the pandemic onset and is starved for outside communication.  Lorraine is an avid reader and any cards or personal notes she receives will be read…more than once, guaranteed!  

Please include, with your signature, how you know Lorraine: Sons of Norway, church, community groups, etc., or from a couple generations of Lorraine teaching school, either to you, or to your children.  

Cards and notes may be sent to; Lorraine Wangsness   PO Box 387   Calmar, IA  52132   

Help keep a sparkle in a 95-year “young” lady’s eye!  Thank you, and may God Bless.


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