All I wanted was a teabag

All I wanted was a teabag


by Jerry Wadian


All I wanted was a teabag.   Mornings I need my coffee; like I really need to wake up. Evenings I prefer tea. And, as a brand,  I really like Twinnings. However, it can be hard to get locally, especially the types I like.

 So, it was log on to Amazon and its to-my-door delivery.Two-day delivery? No problem with my Prime Account.

No sense in ordering just one box of 20 teabags, so I ordered a Darjeeling, Prince of Wales (two boxes since it’s my favorite) a Black Current, and an Assam. No Oolong because we have enough. It seems in my first test order failed to see the small print on number of boxes – but trust me we have more than enough.

   I  placed my order; then, it got even more interesting.

   For some reason, the order was split into two parts. The Assam was being sent separately and due to come three weeks after the first order. I was wondering why? were they sending it straight from Twinnings in London?

   Of course, I was wrong. What an absurd notion, to send 20 teabags all the way from England.

   They were sending it from Germany! That’s right a tea grown in India, processed in England, was being sent to the USA by way of Germany. I don’t know if they were giving me a quick lesson on modern international trade or a lesson on why tariffs can hurt; after all, there was a box on the shipping label for tariff costs.

   The one thing missing from the extraordinarily busy shipping label was an indication of cost .I was interested since I figure it cost more in shipping than the tea was actually worth. I’ll bet some Amazon CFO isn’t at all happy that I’m probably right.

   At any rate, the tea was in Germany and it only took three stops in as many days to leave. I didn’t think that was so bad. 

 Then, it was six days to get to New York City. I wasn’t as generous in praising that move; okay for the Titanic - if you can overlook the ending - but a little long for today’s “fast-paced” age?

    My tea must have loved The Big Apple since it spent another three days viewing the city from three different locations!

 Then, magic happened. My tea was suddenly transported in one day, with no stops, to Waterloo! Yeah!

   Of course, it took two days to get to Fayette, but by then, who’s counting? It was here in just 16 days, not three weeks.

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